Program Management


Understanding how the complexity of a program affects multiple layers of an organization is the foundation for creating sustainable success. Avant-Garde’s team of program management experts is a seamless extension of our clients, providing quality logistics and solutions to maximize resources.

The success of a long-term program is based on the quality, policy, procedures and outreach developed. Avant-Garde determines these factors through strategic analysis of the organization’s goals and visions. We also examine the components of successful past/existing programs, the profile of the targeted beneficiaries, and the fiscal opportunities available. At times, individual projects are identified that will contribute to the overall success of the program. These programs often require specific goals, deadlines, budget management, timely implementation, and monitoring of specific program requirements.

Avant-Garde can provide all of these services together through one comprehensive management proposal or part of a larger implementation team:

  • Program Management Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Fiscal Budget Management
  • Fund Administration
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Program Implementation
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Labor Compliance
  • Grant Writing, Coordination and Administration
  • Construction Coordination
  • Housing Production and Management
  • CDBG and HOME Program Management

Grants and Funding Administration


Now, more than ever before, communities are challenged to maintain needed services and programming. Aging infrastructure demands and statewide economic crisis are a constant concern. Seeking, identifying, and implementing alternative funding mechanisms to maintain services and projects is vital to a community’s sustained quality of life. Avant-Garde specializes in government funding and grant sources with requirements ranging from basic applications and documentation to competitive project submittals. Our team has been instrumental in securing and managing millions of dollars for southern California projects.

Avant-Garde staff assists our clients in identifying federal and state fund allocation balances, assists in determining eligible projects, provides advisement of program requirements and are available to prepare and administer the program as required by the funding agencies.

Additionally, our team provides administrative responsibilities such as: assistance with the preparation and monitoring of the operating budget and Capital Improvement Program budget; analyzing the agency’s needs and preparing, recommending and administering long-and-short range programs consistent with the economic capabilities of the agency, including information vital to the preparation of the annual improvements budgets for the agency; grants research, application submittal, and working with various funding agencies in completing State and Federal forms to ensure that our clients are in compliance with grant requirements.


  • Fiscal Budget Management
  • Fund Administration
  • Grant Writing, Coordination and Administration
  • Construction Coordination
  • CDBG and HOME Program Management
  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Funding
  • Project Fund Development / Identification
  • Public / Private Partnerships

Labor Compliance


Avant-Garde has performed Labor Compliance services for over ten years in Southern California.  Our expertise includes Prevailing Wage Enforcement on projects of all sizes, including those in excess of $10M and whose construction period extended over a twelve-month period.

Avant-Garde’s experienced team offers services for many municipal agencies whose projects require conducting audits and interfacing with the Department of Industrial Relations, the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, the construction trades and contractors and subcontractors.


  • Research & interpret laws, codes, and regulations
  • Conduct pre-bid meetings
  • State notifications
  • Set up & maintain Labor Standards Enforcement Files
  • Attend pre-construction meetings
  • Review and advise on federal regulated procurement procedures
  • Review contractor compliance with all State & Federal postings
  • Present & answer project related requirements, status, and
    public records requests
  • Provide information on trade and trade classifications
  • Provide municipalities with training to City Staff on regulations & processes
  • Conduct employee field interviews
  • Reconcile weekly Certified Payroll Reports (CPR) & supporting documentation
  • Identify violations and investigate complaints; submit and file all required forms to appropriate parties
  • Identify labor deficiencies and prepare letters of findings

Community Outreach


Community outreach equals empowerment. More than disseminating information, Avant-Garde elicits community dialogue. Through advocacy and inclusion a community is balanced and strengthened. These long lasting benefits are the result of the techniques employed by our staff in communities throughout Southern California. We specialize in serving multi-lingual diverse communities.

Our team develops effective messages and coordinates events that draw attention to the client’s continued commitment to the community. Avant-Garde provides input and participation, which ultimately inspires new growth and increased regional significance. We build communication tools that maximize community input and participation.


  • Community Mobilization
  • Public Input Meetings
  • PR/Media Relations
  • Outreach/POC Materials
  • Multi-lingual Outreach
  • Government Affairs
  • Research and Analysis
  • Special Event Planning